About Us

Our Mission

µwatt’s mission is to provide convenient, user-friendly and cost effective solution to phantom load. We believe that no one should be paying for more electricity than what they are actually using and that everyone’s effort is significant to achieve a greener planet for the next generation.

Who We Are

Our team is packed with talented and motivated people, creating a vibrant and successful team with excellent inter-personal and communications skills.

We are always interested in hearing from experienced and bright individuals. Whether you come from a technical background or not, we offer great opportunities to develop your career. The world is changing. Be part of it at Microwatt.
  • Dr Eric Kerrigan
    Project Supervisor
  • Phua Hsuan Te
    Group Leader
  • Benjamin Hou
    Design Team Leader
  • Salman Arif
    Design Team Coordinator
  • Chak Thongborisoot
    Design Team Manager
  • Tim Yap
    Design Team Associate
  • Jane Ng
    Research Team Leader
  • ZhenYi Ng
    Research Team Coordinator