The user can go online to the team’s website and follow the simple process to arrange a free consultation. The team will despatch a technician to the user’s home at the allocated timing and assess the optimal number of adapters to be used. This will be based on several factors, such as proximity of devices, phantom load consumption, total number of devices etc. A full report will be presented to the user on the phantom load footprint of the household and a recommended setup will be provided. The user will then decide which setup he wants installed according to his preferences and the technician will proceed to the next stage.


The devices designed by Microwatt are meant to be setup easily and quickly. Once the user has decided on the setup of his house, the technician can immediate begin installation of the adapters. With the supervision of the user he will connect all the devices to the adapters and also link them to the central hub and ensure that the setup is complete. The technician will then provide a walkthrough of the user interface, both on the website and on a smartphone. He will teach the user how to control the device as well as program macros for the wall adapters. This stage will provide full support to the user in setting up the framework for phantom load management in the household.


After the installation of the system, the team will provide online support to the user. This will enable any issues to be addressed and can also be done remotely due to the nature of the device. The team will be able to access critical operating information from the user’s account and provide immediate solutions to rectify the problem. In the prototyping phase, the team will conduct regular inspections to ensure that the devices are functioning properly and continue to optimize the device through software updates that can be downloaded online.