µWatt is your total home power automation system. With its advanced scheduling and automatic standby power detection features, it not only offers you total control over your electronics, but also peace of mind.

With µWatt installed in your home, you'll never have to worry about elusive electricity bills again.

It's that simple.

µWatt Hub

The hub is the center for all things electrical. It's in constant communication with all the wall sockets and power strips in your home. It knows when your laptop has been fully charged, so it'll turn off the charger for you. It knows how much power you're saving, and how much you could save over time.

What's more, the µWatt hub is acessible from everywhere, on your phone or from a computer. Secure remote access gives you total control over your home even when you're away.

Wall Modules

These are at the very heart of the µWatt system. They measure how much power your devices are using, and if they've gone into standby, it can switch them off so you don't have to.

The wall modules come in a variety of shapes and sizes: you can have one embedded into your wall in your new home, or simply buy a one-device adapter like the one on the left. Got multiple devices to connect? Get the µWatt Power Strip.

No matter how you choose to stay plugged in, we'll make sure you stay connected.

Intuitive UI

Going out to get some groceries? Or just leaving the comforts of home on your 9-to-5? No matter where you go, µWatt is just a finger tap away. With the easy to use and beautifully designed iPhone app, you can have total control and total freedom on all your devices.

The power is in µr hands.

Don't have a smartphone or tablet? We've got you covered. Your µWatt Hub is also accessible from a universally compatible web application. Simply go to uwatt.com/login to access the same great features as the smartphone app on your computer.